The implant itself is a small and screw-like titanium fixture. This titanium implant will be surgically inserted into the jaw bone, where it will then take on the role of an anchor within the mouth, which is then used to hold permanent teeth in position.

The most important part of the dental implantprocess happens in-between the insertion of your implant and the installation of your prosthetics.

During this time the bio-compatible titanium implant will integrate with your jawbone, which is what creates the permanent base of your new tooth.


Dr Dariush Hoshyar the Clincical Director and Dr Kayhan Kamoushi, the highly experienced/skilful Dental Surgeons at SSS Clinic (Ealing Dental Clinic),  currently use Megagen and Noble Biocare Implants, both of which are most reputable / renowned companies within the field of dental implantology,  providing the latest technology such as, All on 4 -All on 6procedurtes, which utilises flapless guides designed upon CT scaning.

Enabling safe planing of the implant placements in order to minimize the postoperative discomfort and at the same time maximize the predictability of the proposed treatment for the patients.

Crowns, a bridge, or a stabilised denture may then be attached to the Implant. Since these must be carefully constructed to match the opposing tooth and ensure a correct bite, several impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab which will construct the prosthetics.

This ensures that the size and shape of any prosthetics matches the natural architecture of your smile, fitting cohesively with the rest of your teeth.