Felc Nano Plasma After Care


We want you to achieve the best results following your treatment with Felc Nano Plasma and have as little downtime as possible with fast healing. Therefore, please adhere to the following aftercare advice:

• For the best results keep the treated area completely dry for 8 – 10 hours following your treatment
• After 8 – 10 hours apply the BioCosmedical Recovery Serum to the dry crusts using your fingers to gently tap the product into the treated area to help absorption, ‘do not scratch or rub the crust’
• No abrasive cleansing pads to be used
• No moisturizers or Vaseline
• Continue to use the Recovery Serum at least twice/three times a day to aid healing
• After 24 hours apply Sensi – Protect SPF 50+ over the serum – the product is easily absorbed, and the serum will still work if applied over the top later in the day
• Once the crusts have fallen off, we recommend patients use Nourishing Moisturiser as well as Sensi Cleanse as part of your daily routine. This will help to keep the treated area protected during the healing process
• This routine can be carried out twice a day and can be continued for 6 to 8 months post treatment


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