Skin TreatmentSkin Treatment
Botox Anti Wrinkle Injection ®
1 treatment area £190
2 treatment areas £210
3 treatment areas £210
Underarms for excess sweating £400
Dermal Filler Treatments
Restylane £350
Hand Dermal fillerFrom £390
Dermal Filler (Additional Syring)£295
Lip EnhancementFrom £190 - £290
Skin Booster£500
Collagen Stimulation Therapy (Line and Wrinkle Treatment)
Sculptra£390 per treatment
Ellanse£390 per treatment
Three In One Laser Treatment£390
IPL / Laser Treatment
Acne Scar treatment£390
Stretch marks£390
Age Spot and liver spot£390
Pigment - Thread vein removal From £290
Skin rejuvenation
Half face £190
Full face £390
Neck & Décolletage £490
Full face, Neck, and Décolletage £590
Silhouette Soft- Facial Lift (Thread lifting and Collagen Simulating)
Outer aspect of eyebrows | One thread on each side£690
Brow lift, both sides | Two threads on each side£1,190
Face | Using two threads each side £1,290
Face | Using three threads each side£1,790
Face | Using four threads each side£2,000
Face | Using five threads each side£2,400
Upper neck and jowls on both sides of the face | Using two threads each side £1,000
Liquid Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping with fillers)£690
Non Surgical Eyelid Correction (Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty)From £450