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Skin Fee Guide

Skin TreatmentSkin Treatment
Ultra non-surgical facial toning £90
Ultra anti-aging facial £90
ECM (electro-cellulite) massager £75
Caci deluxe non-surgical facial toning £70
Caci hydrate-non surgical facial toning£70
Caci body toning treatment £65
Stomach treatment £60
Legs&buttocks; treatment £60
Cellulite treatment with ECM £60
Cellulite treatment without ECM £40
Caci signature non-surgical facial toning £55
Ultra skin rejuvenation treatment £50
Caci eye lift treatment £45
Healing treatment £45
Hand treatment £40
Bust treatment £40
Stretchmark/scar tissue treatment £40
Caci wrinkle revolution £40
Caci ultra peeling £40
Caci ultra circulation/Caci hydratone facial £40
PRP Treatment (Face & Neck )
PRP Treatment (Face)
PRP Treatment (Hair Loss / Hair thinning )£299
PRP Dark Circles Removal

Micro Needling/Derma PenFull Face(Per Area Per Session)£200
Deep Cleanse Facial (Per Session) £55
Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip (Per Session)£50
Hydro Facial (Coming Soon)
Derma Roller (Non Surgical Scar Removal)£50
Derma Roller (Non Surgical Stretch Mark Removal)£50
Skin Booster£500
Anti Wrinkle Injection ® and Fillers
1 treatment area £195
2 treatment areas £255
3 treatment areas £300
Underarms for excess sweating £400
1ml Dermal Filler Syringe £300
2ml Dermal Filler Syringe £550
1 Dermal Filler Voluma £360
Additional Syring £285