Dr Dariush Hoshyar

Dr Dariush Hoshyar

Dr Dariush Hoshyar has 28 years extensive experience in every aspect of the 21st century’s general, restorative, implants, non invasive, tooth wear reconstructive, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Despite his relaxed and informal approach, Dariush is a perfectionist, which means that he insists on the latest advances in dental techniques, materials and technology together with his highest levels of patient care.

Dariush will listen carefully to your needs, talk through your concerns and explain the various options, allowing sufficient time before proceeding with the treatment option of your choice.

Dariush maintains that, successful dentistry starts through the realisation that the mouth is designed to initiate digestion something which is a destructive process.The teeth and the gums are therefore victims of this destructive environment as they are exposed to this environment on a daily basis. Therefore, as a matter of prevention, absolute control through regular oral examinations, diet advice, Oral hygiene Instructions are essential in early detection and prevention of tooth decay, tooth wear and gum disease.The numerous benefits of which are simpler treatments for patients.




GDC Number : 71585