Thread Veins

thread veins treatment ealing,londonRemoving thread veins is now painless with the best laser and injection treatments.

Thread Veins Treatments in Ealing, London

Facial veins are often referred to as small spider veins, broken blood vessels, broken capillaries, rosacea veins or facial telangectasia.

Facial veins are unsightly and can appear like:

  • Tiny red threads on the nose and/or cheek area
  • Large bluish veins around temples, eye area or the nasolabial fold or “smile lines”

Treatment of face veins will depend on the diameter and location; each case is individually evaluated and then either sclerotherapy or laser facial therapy can be performed. Large blue veins respond very well to sclerotherapy. Advances in sclerotherapy such as better magnification, polarizing lenses and tinier needles allows the injection of even the smaller facial veins with very little trauma to the surrounding tissues. Any leftover small red veins will be treated with lasers.

The causes of thread veins vary, but they are most commonly a result of family history, smoking or sun exposure.

For the broken spider veins on the face and particularly the nose we use a cautery laser to remove the redness.vessels may disappear after treatment or they may appear darker and then fully or partially fade within 10-14 days.

Normally,several treatments will be necessary to achieve complete clearance of sun spots and blood vessels(thread veins).