Same Day Crowns

Crowns can help you smile again by restoring the function & the aesthetics of your teeth. They are most commonly used to restore the function and appearance of a tooth that has been significantly damaged by decay or external forces.

What is a Crown?

Often referred to as a “cap”; crowns are a tooth like covering that is placed over a carefully prepared existing tooth. Crowns can be made to resemble the exact colour, texture and translucency of your existing teeth. They are also used for functional reasons as well as aesthetic as if you fail to restore the shape and structure of an injured tooth you may be putting other teeth at risk.

Why do I need a Crown?

A crown is necessary when a tooth is in poor condition. This is the case when a tooth starts to crack, break, decay or is diseased. There are a number of reasons why your teeth may require a dental crown. One of the most common reasons is if you have undergone root canal therapy, or have had a large filling installed. In this case a crown will generally be fitted over the filling in order to ensure the tooth is protected and function is fully restored. Other conditions that warrant the installation of a dental crown include teeth that have been ground down by bruxism (grinding of the teeth), aging teeth which may experience cracks and other trauma, poor oral hygiene and an improper bite. A crown is usually not solely used for cosmetic purposes. If you do have discolouration and other tooth surface issues then ask your dentist at SSS Clinic Care in Ealing about our porcelain veneers.

Benefits of Crowns

Crowns combine the best of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and thus provide numerous benefits to our patients. Using our porcelain crowns we can restore the aesthetic and functional nature of the tooth, ensuring a smile that is both resilient and appealing.

Crowns can…

  • Restore broken or fractured teeth
  • Strengthen teeth that have undergone a root canal (endodontic treatment)
  • Realign crooked teeth
  • Close gaps in between teeth
  • Improve discolouration
  • Repair chips and cracks
  • Improve bite function and comfort
  • Amend damage from excessive grinding

Preparing your tooth for a dental crown

In order to prepare your tooth for a dental crown we will first need to evaluate it to ensure that a crown is the most feasible option. We may exclude you from a dental crown if we believe that your tooth is too far beyond repair (thus requiring extraction and a dental implant or bridge). Once we have okayed you for a dental implant procedure we will then take a mould of your tooth and create a custom-made crown. During your second appointment we will file down the tooth to make room for your new, natural looking crown which will be bonded to your existing tooth structure. A crown is often the last chance for us to salvage your natural tooth. If you have been recommended extraction please contact SSS Clinic Care in Ealing for a second opinion on your dental work.

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