Non Surgical Eyelid Correction London
Non Surgical Eyelid Correction London

Non Surgical Wrinkle & Skin Treatments In Ealing, London

We offer a patented new technology called Felc to lift, tighten and remove excess skin. Not only can Felc remove excess skin from around the delicate eye area, it can also be used to target wrinkles, acne, fine lines and loose skin on the face and body.

Felc Nano Plasma is the evolution of plasma devices, created by the worldwide Plasma Guru Professor Giorgio Fippi.

5 years after Plexr was introduced in the UK, Professor Fippi has released his latest creation combining anodic and cathodic plasma. This new plasma device combines existing and new technology to bring the most innovative and advanced Nano Plasma device in the aesthetics market to date.

The Felc Nano Plasma has been created to generate 2 types of plasma and works by utilising electrons, protons and plasma to promote the sublimation of the skin, which achieves correction of:

  • Eyelid droopiness and under-eye bags
  • crows feet
  • smokers or lip lines
  • forehead lines
  • correcting scars and keloids
  • removing stretch marks
  • small skin lesions and warts
  • belly button lifting.


Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

• Acne treatment, active acne and acne scarring intervention

•Removal of formations, like verrucas,xanthelasma, fibromas, keloid, etc

•Tattoo removal of any colour

• Mini face lifting

• Stretch marks and periumbilical excess skinstriation

• Wrinkles and expression marks Felc also has excellent results for vaginal rejuvenation and for dentistry applications.


Many people are affected by excess or loose skin on their eyelids and around the eye area, which can give an “aged” and “tired” look and even cause vision disturbance, however, many patients avoid undergoing a surgical blepharoplasty due to the fear of possible complications, anaesthesia and cost.

Plasma has really revolutionised the treatment options for patients seeking this procedure. Described by The Daily Mail as “the most effective treatment for youthful eyes”, the dynamic non-surgical blepharoplasty utilising plasma energy is not only the safest treatment for this procedure, but has become the choice of patients and professionals alike.

This procedure is defined as “non-surgical” because it’s performed without incision, cutting, stitching, bruising or surgical fat removal and without altering the muscle in the eyelids.