Botox Aftercare Tips

Botox Aftercare Tips: What You Need to Know

Botox Aftercare Tips By Best Experts In Ealing Botox Clinic:

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedure in United Kingdom .

Along with its growing popularity, there are more and more uses for it–there’s Botox for men (aka ‘Bro-tox’) and even Botox to stop your scalp from sweating to help extend your blowouts (‘Blow-tox’). With no downtime, instant gratification and very minimal discomfort (the teeny needle barely registers as a prick on the skin), it’s no wonder Botox is a cosmetic patient fan favorite.

From middle-age movie stars to twenty-something career girls, Botox has become a staple for many anti-aging skincare regimens. So if you’re going to take the Botox plunge, it pays to know how best to care for your skin afterwards, to get the most bang for your Botox bucks. We asked Dr Kayhan to give the scoop on his best Botox aftercare tips.

What do you tell patients to do or not to do right after Botox injections?

I advise my Botox patients to avoid laying down for three hours post-treatment. Therefore no sleeping or yoga for three hours. This will help to avoid dispersion of the toxin.

Is there any skin type that should avoid getting Botox injections?

I just won’t inject in traumatized or injured or infected skin.

What are the best ways to help the Botox stay in place for longer.
Sometimes skin tightening treatments with radiofrequency or ultrasound such as Thermage, Venus Concept or Ultherapy can supplement with improved results and longer lasting effects. But it’s recommended to wait about three weeks prior or after a tightening treatment to get Botox injections.

Is it ok to touch your face after treatment?

Avoid touching or massaging area immediately after. Facials are recommended before Botox, but never directly following.



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